Author Topic: Where is IPTC and Full EXIF Info?  (Read 823 times)


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Where is IPTC and Full EXIF Info?
« on: March 22, 2018, 03:51:39 pm »
I'm hoping I'm completely blind or stupid or both but can anyone tell me where IPTC and full EXIF data is hidden in PhotoLab? I'm concerned it's not there since I'm opening images in PhotoLab coming from Mylio and Mylio has the caption. On export from Mylio I check the image info in Apple's Preview and all is listed with no issues. Yet when I Export the image from DXO PhotoLab the caption is gone! I started looking throughout the PhotoLab UI to see if the caption was following the image over from Mylio but I cant find anything that will allow me to confirm that. If PhotoLab does not retain and Export captions and other Metadata on Export I now have to start looking for a different RAW editor. Captions are too difficult and tedious to have to do the whole damn process again just because Photolab  doesn't support them. I hope I'm wrong. Anyone else have these issues?