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Crop still flaky
« on: February 04, 2018, 08:07:39 pm »
The crop tool seems to be causing GUI issues.

Start state is a horizontal image, a Nikon RAW file (.nef), landscape mode, zoom to image fit, no crop, with both left and right docks open. This results in an image zoom of 24%.

Crop: PL expands the entire window to the right, pushing the right dock partially off of the desktop, and revises the zoom-to-fit to 28%. Of the four edges of the crop bars, only two (top and bottom) are visible. The left and right crop handles are inaccessible. Fit-to-screen has no effect.

If I close at that point without applying cropping, image size remains 28%. That is still image fit, but it's not the 24% I started with. The extra 4% is enough to push the right edge off of the desktop. (This happens in full screen mode too)

The only way to clear it up is to go into full screen (command-shift-F), come out of it, and hit zoom-to-fit again. Image size is back to 24%.

I believe the calculation of zoom-to-fit should stay constant until a crop is actually performed. Otherwise, it's causing the GUI to jump around needlessly.

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Two other items:

1, a different behavior is noted if I enter a specific zoom value (e.g. NOT zoom-to-fit): the zoom stays constant, but the entire window grows to the right, again pushing the right dock off of the desktop.

2, This is in PL 1.1.1 build 58.

This isn't a killer problem, but it's annoying, and this worked well before, so it seems this defect was introduced in 1.1.1?

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