Author Topic: Feeling ripped off.  (Read 6337 times)


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Re: Feeling ripped off.
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2017, 12:49:45 pm »
i got the upgrade announcement, and would quite happily of upgraded... except for dx0 optics pro not supporting one of my cameras (mavic pro DNG raw)
no reply from them or even a "thanks for your request" we will consider this.

stupid thing is that dx0 wont even open the files at all from the mavic pro so i had to use an alternate product (all of which open them fine)

DX0 optics pro was almost perfect... no subscription model, all the features I needed... but then finding it not working at all with common formats... and no replys from support.
I'll likely keep it installed for processing of my sony raw files... but you have 1 x lost customer.