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Project problem?
« on: September 26, 2017, 10:36:13 am »
I created a project, just 5 images, all from different dates/folders.  After a few days I went back and two of them had warnings, the format was unknown. I restored them from a backup, still no good.  I deletes the do file and one then opened in editing and loaded all the correction; I take it from the catalogue. But the second one still wouldn’t work. I keep the originals on the camera memory card so  I deleted them from the pc and reloaded from the camera. This time it worked.

In both cases the do file wasn’t recreated; it was after I made a minor change though.
I recall others have had problems with projects before, is this the problem? If so its not a very safe thing to use or is there a safer way of doing the same collecting of image’s from different locations?