Author Topic: Problem with DXO 11 under Windows 10 Creators Update - and solution  (Read 651 times)


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I note someone below has had a problem with DXO not loading after the Win10 Creators Update.

I have found another serious problem with this update.  Recently I found all my image processing software running very slowly - in particular, loading of RAW images, and any manipulation requiring processing power such as exporting an image, applying smart sharpen in Photoshop, etc.  This affected DXO (11.4.1) and Adobe LR & PS (CC versions).  Also transferring an image form DXO to LR failed to open LR.

My machine is an i7-4770 with a 1Tb SSD, 2x2Tb HDDs and 32Gb RAM, and has always been very fast with DXO despite having only the integrated graphics.  Initially I tried a bit of disk maintenance with some movement of folders to free up space on the SSD, and moved my PS scratch drives to the HDD with most space, but this had no effect, so I uninstalled and reinstalled DXO, PS, and LR.  No change.

I did some further research and found a number of people having problems with slow running applications after the update, though not specifically with image processing.  I found that the update messes with some of your system settings, and to correct these:

(1) change the default image viewing app from "Photos" (modern app) back to the old Windows Photo Viewer

(2) uninstall "Paint 3D" (modern app) to stop it creating image thumbnails

(3) see

On this webpage I found the section entitled "Boot Time Interval" to have the answer -  under msconfig the "maximum number of processors" was set at 1 (my i7 has 4 processors) and I did also set the boot time as recommended to 3 seconds (it was set at 30).  Rebooted, and everything speeded up after this!

I have no idea why these settings would have been changed, nor do I claim to fully understand the issue - but it seems to be back to its former level of performance now.

It is not possible to avoid this update unless you turn off updates, which seems a bad idea as it addresses other vulnerabilities. 

Hopefully this may help somebody.  No thanks to Microsoft for wasting hours of my life.