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DXO viewpoint 3
« on: July 21, 2017, 08:04:36 pm »
I am unable to use DXO ViewPoint 3. It does not store lens profiles on my system but rather prompts for a download every time for the same lens. Most of the time the connection to the server does not work and so I cannot use it at all. I have tried 3 different browsers and turning on and off my firewall. None of this helped. This is all while I am on line getting mail and steaming music, using creative cloud, all with no problem.
I was told by tech support "no one else has had this problem". End of support.
I have to say telling me no one else has ever had this problem does not feel like effective tech support or customer service.  Do you have any constructive suggestions as to how I might resolve this on going issue? I am an architectural photographer and really like this software when I can get it to work, maybe max 30% of the time. I am on a Mac Pro with the lastest OS