Author Topic: DxO 11 slow on brand new laptop - Dell XPS 15 9560  (Read 1398 times)


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DxO 11 slow on brand new laptop - Dell XPS 15 9560
« on: July 14, 2017, 09:25:22 am »

I just installed DxO 11 (11.4.2 build 12306) on my brand new XPS 15 running Windows 10  (16Go, SSD 512Go, i7 7700HQ, graphics GTX 1050).

I'm surprised as it is very slow compared to my old Lenovo x250 i5 running Windows 7.

It takes about 8 seconds to display licenses info in the startup screen, and then 2/3 seconds when I click on a raw picture to have it displayed with the correction settings.

The GeFore GTX 1050 adapter is running, and DxO is executed on this graphic processor.

I'm very disapointed, and don't know where to look at, double-check... Bios, drivers, Windows... everything is up to date.
I've removed the database also.

Also FimPack 4.5 expert and ViewPoint 3 are installed.

Many thanks for your help.