Author Topic: DXO Optics Pro Color management when printing - please help colors are off  (Read 1144 times)


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I recently just got back into the digital photography and printing world after a few years of hiatus and my gear is primarily the 5D IV and imageprograf pro 1000. With this printer, I typically print via photoshop's canon Print Studio Pro plugin and I've been getting excellent results when using the appropriate ICC profiles and the output almost matches my color calibrated screen (NEC PA301W and LCD 3090 WQXI). However I do a bit of correction and processing via DXO Optics Pro and that software does not support the canon plugin. It does give me an option of using the paper ICC profiles in the print settings but compared to the output from Print Studio Pro, the color is way off. DXO Optics Pro printer setting does give me the following warning "Don't forget to turn OFF color management in the "printer Properties" window and I am not sure if this applies to the Canon driver?

When I export the processed image as JPEG and print via photoshop, using the Canon plugin, my colors are then again identical to the screen. Is there a driver setting where I can turn off color management?