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Light leaking compensation
« on: March 03, 2017, 08:47:54 am »
I made some test under low light condition and found a not designed feature of the camera. If I closed the lens with the lens cap and made a full dark image, the result was not completely equalized black. The light leaks influenced the image on one longer side - in my case - darkness. Of course this depends on the camera construction and the environment lights.
However, it would be a considerable correction of the camera body the leaked light correction.

Sorry, if it is already implemented, I did not found in any documents.
The enclosed image show my case.

Win7/64 PC, i7-3770, 3.9GHz, 24G RAM, Intel HD-4000 GPU, 27" calibrated LG monitor 1920*1080 px res. 82 DPI