Author Topic: I'd like to speed up the loading and operation of DXO 10 elite. Ramdisk?  (Read 1906 times)


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I'd like to speed up the loading and operation of DXO 10 elite by using a RAMdisk to cache the temp files and working files, and so on? Which files and folders are there to direct to the ramdisk? Would installing the entire program to a RAMdisk help?
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Re: I'd like to speed up the loading and operation of DXO 10 elite. Ramdisk?
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Before you do that, you should strongly consider using an SSD. If you're currently using a hard disk, the change will significantly speed up your workflow. If you currently use an SSD, a ramdisk may not make much difference.


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I made some quick test, but there was no significant performance increase in startup and export.
Installed the ram-disk, changed the image location there, changed the cache folder and the export location has been designated to this drive too.
The ram-disk performance was ~6800 Mb/s compare to my SSD 540 Mb/s read speed. Unfortunately, the bottleneck is still the CPU core # and the CPU speed.

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i also tried several ways to speed the start up time of dxo optics and photoshop.
My experience ist he same RAM-disk brings no real advantage to SSD.
The simple truth is you need enough RAM.  So instead of starting  and closing these programms several times a day, i went to 32 GB of  RAM. Now I start both programms only once a day

For DXO optics you need  8- 16GB and you can process RAW perfectly. My biggest RAW-files are 10834*7780 Pixel.
For photoshop you need more RAM with 16 GB of RAM i cannot process several filters of a picture with 18k * 18k pixel size!  So next machine will have 64 GB RAM, because i want to work with both programms simulttaneously.

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