Author Topic: DXO One (questions regarding carrying case, and lag when taking action shots)  (Read 261 times)


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I own a DXO One. I really like it. I wish there were better tutorials -not just on where buttons or features are.... i'm not the most skilled photographer, so it would be great to see instructional videos that teach "DSLR photography" with the use of the DXO One.
Regardless, i have two things i would love some feedback on.
I purchased a lightning port adapter so i can plug my DXO One into my iPhone 7 that i keep in a  Dog&Bone drop protected case. I keep the DXO One in a small zip-up protective case and the adapter fits inside, too. For taking photos on the fly this creates one extra step and is always a chore to make sure i don’t drop the small adapter before it’s attached. Once it’s attached, i can’t fold in the DXO One’s lightning port plug until i remove the adapter. Therefore, i can not conveniently put it in or take it out of my carry pouch because the larger piece is sticking out of the side.
The 2nd downside i’m experiencing is the DXO One has some lag. I try taking action shots in the gym that i own of people boxing and i have to predict moments before a punch is thrown. Otherwise, every time i press the button at the precise time the photo always shows the moment has passed.
Overall, it will be awesome to take the DXO One on an upcoming trip overseas due to its size and portability…. but i also have a Nikon Mirrorless camera that quickly powers on and takes pictures instantly. I feel like i might miss out on some spontaneous shots or that, while i’m walking around, i’ll have to wear the DXO One on a lanyard around my neck because i can’t put it away with the adapter plugged in. I know the latest firmware has wifi. It doesn’t connect quick and doesn’t it drain battery life quicker? Using it without the iPhone, i can (sort of) compose shots from the pixelated LCD screen. Those shots have been hit or miss, often times the subject i wanted isn’t in focus.
Any thoughts on these issues or advice. I’d love to know of a really small protective pouch for the DXO One that could accommodate the new accessory stand. I purchased a stand and now the entire camera doesn’t fit in my protective case. If i buy a slightly bigger case it defeats the benefits of being able to put in my pocket or clip to my belt. The next size up for a carrying case is like the size of a point and shoot sized bag. I haven’t found anything just slightly larger than the DXO One’s pouch.
Thanks for listening! 


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I just purchased a DxO One myself. Should arrive this week. I too plan on using it exclusively with an extender cable. Once I get it all working I'll let you know how I plan to add this device to my daily routine (or not).


P.S. have you tried the wifi mode yet? is it also "lagging"?