Author Topic: FP 5 a few thoughts  (Read 3162 times)

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FP 5 a few thoughts
« on: January 01, 2016, 07:16:15 pm »
First off, I like it very much. And it's really nice for just browsing your photo folders. Improvements:  Totally annoying is trying to scan through the FP presets while you're in OpticsPro with the constant mouse clicking needed. How about mouse-overs? Of course you can export it to FP free standing where moving through the precepts only requires hitting the arrow key but sometimes you want to stay in OP. And second, it would be really nice to have more framing options,  even though they may not be strictly 'analog film' derived. Very limited. Likewise the toning options in terms of color variety. One other thing is the preset description panel often will overlap the photo. Instead of reducing the size of the photo for seeing all of it, how about the ability to move the photo over to the right rather than it being strictly centered. Sure your can close the panel but if you're interested in all the descriptions, you have to keep opening and closing it. More mouse clicks.