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Rules of the DxO Labs forum

The following are the rules and limitations of liability that members must accept during registration. This announcement serves as a permanent reminder.
It also contains additional information on the operation of the website.
Registration for this forum is free, but only register if you agree with the forum operating rules detailed below. By checking the box located after this text and clicking on ‘Register’, you are expressing your unreserved agreement with these operating rules:

  • This forum is not intended for dealing with customer and technical support. The only way to get an answer to these sorts of issues is to use the special forms in our support section. You’ll find a link to these forms at the bottom of each theme page in the support section.

  • Websites linked to from forums are outside our control, and DxO Labs cannot be held liable for the consequences of reading pages quoted or linked to in our forums. So you undertake to exercise your own vigilance in respect of such pages and not to blame the website for having directed you to these pages.

  • This free service may be interrupted at any time, or data may be lost, without your being able to make any sort of claim against DxO Labs for any loss whatsoever.

  • You have a right of access to all your personal details and can modify them at any time. Only the user name you have chosen cannot be modified other than by an administrator. Never use your real name to sign up, nor even a user name that you use in other forums which might allow you to be identified, as the messages will be indexed by search engines. If you want to cancel your registration, send a message to the administrator using the contact form. But first, delete any messages you want removed from the forum – we will not be able to do this for you.

  • You can accept or refuse to receive e-mails from the administrators or other members. These options can be changed at any time in your profile. It is recommended to initially say ‘yes’ to both these questions – your e-mail address will never be communicated to other members, who will have to use a form to write to you.

  • Although the forum administrators and moderators do exercise great vigilance in terms of the messages posted, it is impossible to rule out the eventuality that you might be exposed to reading messages that are shocking, disturbing, or have content that is illegal. Moderators delete such messages as soon as they are aware of them. Please help them in this task by alerting them to any such messages by clicking on the ‘Report’ icon. DxO Labs cannot be held liable for the consequences of reading messages that are shocking, disturbing, or have illegal content.

  • By posting a message, you are accepting the fact that it may be deleted or moved by the moderators without explanation. The volume of messages deleted on the forums means it is not possible to send an explanatory e-mail for each deleted message. Read the charter for each forum carefully – respecting this is the best way to avoid having your messages deleted. By posting a message, you are giving the website a right to use the content of your messages, and in particular, to publish them on the Internet, and this, without any time restriction.

  • DxO Labs reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. By continuing to use the website, you are accepting modifications that might have taken place in this way and which can be consulted at all times via a link on the site’s homepage. Should any one of the provisions in these rules be rendered invalid, this will not under any circumstances invalidate the rules as a whole. In the event of difficulty of interpretation, disputes will fall within the competence of French law and jurisdictions.

Happy surfing on the forums — and don’t forget the Netiquette!